Whatever you need, drop a line and I’ll be in touch very soon!

Please send any press inquiries, sponsored collaboration requests, podcasts or guest blogging opportunities to hello@bykoriwhitby.com.



Do you offer payment plans?

Yep! I require a 20% retainer to book your project or VIP Day. After that, you can split your payment into as many as five monthly installments!

When should I reach out about working with you?

Sooner is always better. My projects and VIP Days typically book out 1-3 months in advance. If you know you’ve got something that needs copy on the horizon, reach out ASAP! You can always secure your date with a deposit.

Will my copy sound weird if I don’t write it?

I totally get that writing can feel super personal. But if you’re worried about your voice not sounding like your own, don’t sweat it! It’s literally my job to make sure that your unique and distinct voice shines through in your copy.

What’s the difference between a website copy project and a VIP Day?

Good question! My VIP Days are designed to provide you with short, impactful copy while full-scope website copy projects are more robust. VIP Days rely on the client to provide me with all the research and information that I need in order to write your copy. With full-scope website copy projects, I do all of the research and gather all of that information for you. Feel free to send me an email if you’re not sure which option is the best fit for your biz! 

Will you design my website as well?

No (and trust me, you don’t want me to). I am a words-only type of lady. Buuuut I have a list of trusted brand and web designers that I can pass along to you if you’re on the hunt for the killer design to pair with your new copy!

Do you really like rats?

Love ‘em. Call me weird, but even as a kid I was begging my parents to let me get pet rats. They said no, and one of the first “adult” decisions I made when I lived on my own was to adopt a pair of rats. I know what you’re thinking. But they’re actually clean, friendly, intelligent, and make really fantastic pets.



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I’m Kori. Pleased to meet you. I’m a conversion copywriter who specializes in helping badass brands build unforgettable brand voices, use their website copy to effortlessly attract their people, and stand out in a big way. Me and my clients get messages that read something like:

 “Holy sh*t! Your website copy felt like it was written just for me. How can I work with you?” 

…all the freakin’ time, ‘cuz that’s just what we do around here. Working overtime for your business is so last year. Let me help you flip the script and make your business work overtime for you. 

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