Contrary to what the title says, it’s impossible for me to actually choose favorites when it comes to my clients and my work. I know it’s cheesy, but I think that every project is special, and they all hold a place in my heart for different reasons. When I started to reflect on 2022 as […]

Brand photo of Kori Whitby, a conversion copywriter who works with creative entrepreneurs. She is wearing white jeans, a green button up, and holding a corded phone up to her ear.

A lukewarm take that I share every once in a while is that not everyone needs to work with a website copywriter. I believe that every business can benefit from teaming up with a strategic, conversion-focused copywriter at some point in their journey. But, if you’re a brand new online service provider or creative entrepreneur […]

Kori Whitby, conversion copywriter. A redheaded girl props her head up on her right arm and smiles directly to camera. She has a vase of flowers next to her as well as a pink cocktail. This is a photo of Kori Whitby, a conversion copywriter for creative entrepreneurs and the author of this blog.

From red hot digital marketing tips, to case studies on some of the coolest brands on the internet. Go ahead, dive right in.


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I write "bringin' home the bacon" copy for multi-passionate creative types. Serving six and seven+ figure creatives, coaches, and service providers, I help my clients generate connections and cash in equal parts through their website, emails, and launch copy. 

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BAD COPYWRITING is a brand buzzkill.

Lucky for you, I'm great at what I do.


Lucky for you, I'm great at what I do.