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Best of 2022: My Favorite Website Copywriting Pieces


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Contrary to what the title says, it’s impossible for me to actually choose favorites when it comes to my clients and my work. I know it’s cheesy, but I think that every project is special, and they all hold a place in my heart for different reasons. When I started to reflect on 2022 as a whole, I felt an immense sense of pride thinking about the accomplishments of my past clients, and the success and growth of my own business.

So, to celebrate the new year, I wanted to showcase a few projects from this year as a little update to my creative copywriting portfolio.

Becca Luna

If you work in the online space, chances are you’ve heard of Becca Luna. Becca has taken the web design world by storm by offering premiere courses for aspiring and established website designers alike. When she approached me it was to write the copy for her rebrand. Her brand, though popular and lucrative, no longer felt like her. She was stuck in limbo between her boho past and her edgy, open-book future. Together, we worked on:

  • A bundle of VIP Days
  • 4 pages of website copy
  • Updates for the sales pages for all six of her courses

Immediately after launching her rebrand with her new website copy, Becca had the highest-grossing Black Friday sale in the history of her business, pushing her well over $1 million in revenue for 2022.

Visit the live site.

*designed by Becca Luna

Melo Creative

Melo is a creative powerhouse and the ultimate cool girl brand strategist and designer. Her work and style is so enviable, and everything she does gives off that “the girls that get it, get it” feeling. When she came to me, her ultra-formal copy was not meshing with her casual and approachable brand presence. Something had to change. Together, we worked on:

  • Market and competitor research
  • Brand messaging and positioning strategy
  • 6 pages of website copy

Almost immediately after launching her site, Melo’s business took off in a way that neither of us ever expected. She began hitting regular $15-20k income months, she expanded her team, and, more importantly, her books instantly started filling up with the types of clients that she had been eager to work with pre-website copy update.

When asked what she thought about updated copy, Melo said:

“My business has grown tremendously, and I have to think that a big part of it is because of the copy that you wrote for me.”

Visit the live site.

*designed by Melo Creative

Sainte Noire

Founded by Celeste Dial, Sainte Noire is a brand and website design studio that specializes in building unique design experiences for rare artists and human beings (yes, that is pulled directly from their website and yes, I did write it). When Celeste approached me to write their website copy, her design and copy were both light and minimal–which both misrepresented the values and vision of the brand, and did nothing to help Celeste’s target clients find and connect with her. She struggled to attract clients that were in the industries that she desired to work in, and that had the budget to afford her work. Together, we worked on:

  • Market and competitor research
  • Brand messaging and positioning strategy
  • 6 pages of website copy

After launching her new site, Celeste stepped away from Instagram almost entirely. She focused some of her energy on her TikTok, which isn’t a business account, just something that she does for fun. Instead of her inquiries running dry… her inbox filled up with INSANELY aligned, dream clients. Nearly every single client that she’s worked with since launching has been in an industry that she told me she wanted to work in “some day” during our onboarding call.

Visit the live site.

*designed by Sainte Noire

The AW Creative

My work with Anna is a true testament to just how transformational VIP Days can be. I believe that a lot of people think, even subconsciously, that they’re sacrificing quality in favor of turnaround time. Anna’s website prove that, in the case of VIP Days, high-quality and fast turnaround time can go together like birds of a feather. Together, we worked on:

  • Four pages of website copy

Since launching her site, Anna has had a whirlwind year. She had a six-figure launch for her most recent mastermind program, surpassed $300k in revenue, and has been able to continue to living her luxurious lifestyle on her own terms without worrying about making sales (because her website does it for her).

When asked about her experience working with me, Anna said:

“Within 3 weeks of launching my website I have generated $40K in sales! A new lead found me, DM’d me to tell me the copy resonated with her on a deep level, and within a few hours, she paid me in full $9,000.”

Visit the live site.

*designed by Bethany Works

Krista Neubert

A fun fact about Krista is that her and I share the same birthday. From the moment I met her, I knew we were going to make the perfect team (and be friends forever). As a wedding photographer, there are a few elements of the job that can be very easy to get lost in: the hustle, and the stereotypical mushy gushy shlock. Krista came to me wanting nothing to do with either of those. She is a sweet, slow, sentimental photographer for soulful lovers. Her website needed to reflect that. Together, we worked on:

  • A complete audit, edit, and overhaul of all existing website copy (5 pages)
  • Copywriting for investment guides and pre-event workbooks
  • Social captions for website launch

We created this copy so that Krista could scale back her business, and start comfortably saying no to events and couples that didn’t feel aligned with her greater value. In my opinion, this is one of the most overlooked benefits of investing in your website copy–you gain the ability to filter out unaligned clients before they even talk to you, and you can get hyper-specific with your offerings and client base without losing momentum in your business.

Visit the live site.

*designed by Stuck With Pins


Cinneah El-Amin is changing lives every single day through her wealth-building educational platform, Flynanced. Focused on helping women of color build six-figures skills and accumulate generational wealth, Cinneah’s resume is almost as impressive as her list of press features. When she came to me to write her website copy, her brand design and website copy did nothing to represent how badass her business really is. Together, we worked on:

  • 4 pages of website copy

Since launching her website, Cinneah’s star has steadily been on the rise. She has helped hundreds of people find high-paying jobs using their transferable skills, regardless of the unpredictable job market. She has collabed with some huge names in the financial world (including Her First $100k, Essence, and US Bank). And the best part is, this is only the beginning.

Visit the live site.

*designed by Gratiana Prince, The Refined Brand

Get featured as a favorite in 2023

In case you couldn’t tell, the women that I worked with in 2022 knew that they had big things headed their way, and weren’t willing to let bad website copywriting hold them back from reaching their full potential. From surpassing $1 million dollars in revenue to inspiring the masses to taking more days off. Everything that they have accomplished has been huge, and is due in no small part to their thoughtful investment into strategic brand strategy, messaging, design, and copywriting.

If you feel inspired to make the kinds of moves that they have made in their business, then I encourage you to consider investing in copywriting in the New Year. Working with a conversion copywriter is an investment that pays off immediately in a major confidence boost for you and your business, and continues paying off over and over again in cold, hard cash. What could be better?

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Cinneah El-Amin believes that women of color deserve to be well-paid, well-traveled, and completely cared for by their employers. By teaching people to use their transferable skills to land high-paying jobs, she is singlehandedly leading a Rich Hot Girl™ revolution.

Becca Luna is a free-spirited, anti-gatekeeping educator and designer who is leading the charge of young creatives who are ditching the college to cubicle pipeline and opting for a life of freedom, passion, and profit instead.

Melo is a brand and website designer, strategist, and creative consultant whose brand oozes casual cool girl vibes. With talents spanning a wide range of creative feats, Melo Creative is your one-stop shop for injecting a dose of attractiveness into your brand.