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When I first started venturing into the online workspace, I was overwhelmed. There was so much information coming at me from every direction, and I didn’t know which way to look. During that confusing time, the one thing that brought me comfort was the community around me. I found myself engaging with smart, selfless, and inspiring people from all over the world. In honor of these online friends that I have made, I have decided to start profiling some of them!

First up is Falon Mei. I am in awe of the online space that Falon has carved out for herself, and I believe that you will be too. So, without further ado, meet Falon.

Photo by Summer Flynn

My name is Falon Mei and I’m full Samoan, born and raised in Vegas.

Q: We actually have something pretty fun in common- we both live/lived in Vegas (you’re born and raised there, I lived there throughout high school). Can you talk a little bit about living in such a strange and wonderful city, and why you decided to work specifically with Vegas local businesses?

Falon: Yeah, living in Vegas is definitely different. A lot of people have a misconception that Las Vegas revolves around the strip. As much as our economy might, our livelihoods don’t. Growing up, I rarely visited the Strip –mainly to play tour guide to visiting families. For that reason, we did end up seeing a lot of family because they visited the city often.

I decided to choose Las Vegas female creatives as my targeted audience because my heart has always been to help the people within my reach.

While we live in a digital age and have instant access to others, I felt like I could have an impact on the world right outside my door.

Q: Also, what’s your favorite restaurant in Vegas?

Okay, so I have a pretty restrictive diet because of health reasons, but I love our Korean BBQ out here. Gen’s Korean BBQ steakhouse is a great off the strip option.

If you have health concerns or prefer the vegan option, there’s this awesome restaurant called Flower Child, another off the strip option.

Q: I’ve always felt comforted by your presence in the online space, because I feel like we think similarly about our businesses, and about social media. What would you deem as your “biggest success” so far? Or something that you’re really proud of.

Thank you so much for your comment, you’re so sweet. I definitely don’t take that compliment lightly. If I am speaking to this particular season of my life and focus, my biggest success has been cultivating community. It’s been something that has been such a struggle for me, growing up. The word community felt like a really great theory, however, I didn’t really understand the power of it or my inherent need for it. The amazing people I’ve been able to connect with over these last 6 months have blown my mind.

Q: I feel like we have a very similar approach to marketing and branding in the online space. Can you talk about the way you look at digital marketing, and your “community over clout” approach?

This question is on point! Community over clout will probably be my life’s theme, not because I’m untouchable when it comes to desiring more followers or likes. It will be my life’s theme because I realize at the end of the day your impact is not going to be based on how many followers watched your Instagram stories. It will be based on how many lives you served.

Not only that, but when a small business creates a sense of community, they’ve tapped into a secret sauce that will outlast one transactional interaction. It will create a loyalty for life… or at least it has the power to be able to do that.

I’m passionate about that because so many small business owners get caught up in their follower number or they think the number of likes they have validates their business.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Q: I love that you test out social media growth methods first-hand. Can you tell me about some of the online “challenges” that you have completed, and some of the results?

Some of the challenges I’ve participated in were about understanding the Tiktok algorithm by posting 3 times a day for 30 days, posting 1 Reel a day, showing your face on IG stories every day for 30 days, and hosting 27 Clubhouse rooms.

Overall, and this is the key that most people seem to skip over, I gained confidence.

My personal belief about confidence is that it’s earned, not something that’s given or natural.

I also believe I can learn/do anything, so when I ventured into this online space, I decided to make my learning a game by finding or creating these little challenges.

As far as the tangible results, I realize that these algorithms are ever-changing. Your target audience is always being refined. And platforms are coming out every single day.

Instead of focusing on the variables, I focus on sharpening or enhancing my skills, which I feel sets me apart as a social media manager.

I want to extend a huge thank you to Falon for allowing me to interview her for my blog. And, if you happen to be a female Las Vegas creative, don’t sleep on Falon’s skills- she has got what it takes to build an engaged, genuine social media following for you and your business.


Instagram- @falonmei

TikTok- @falonmei

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