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Email Marketing and Its Benefits


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When small business owners and creative entrepreneurs are looking at the scope of their digital marketing, I think there is one aspect that is often overlooked- email marketing. Email marketing is a service with an incredibly high ROI, and as long as your emails are strategized and written correctly, it is the best bet for obtaining and retaining customers.

This is going to sound sad, but an Adobe study estimated that millennials spend about 6.4 hours per day reading emails. If you have a strong enough email marketing campaign, you can snag just 15 minutes of that time and use it to make a sale. As with all digital marketing, people enjoy an element of personal touch. Email marketing is the perfect way to reach out to your most loyal customer-base “personally,” and offer them incentives that only they can get.

More About the Benefits of Email Marketing

Email campaigns are a surefire way to consistently keep in touch with your customers, and ensure that they will see your offers and information. If you leverage your emails to provide insider insight and value to your readers, then they will actually start to look forward to hearing from you.

Building Credibility and Relationships

If you use your emails to provide value to your readers, then you will be perceived as an expert in your field. This will increase your like/know/trust factor, and make people more likely to buy from you. Even if your products or offers are more expensive than others in your field, people will start to look at this as an investment in a trusted source/product. Email campaigns allow you to position yourself as a trusted/quality business, which will have readers seeking you out and referring their friends.

Making More Sales

Proper email marketing will guide readers through every step of the buyer journey. It will also not let people abandon their shopping carts, and will suggest related products or packages to those who have already purchased.

For creative entrepreneurs who sell physical products, I always recommend ONLY offering discount codes to those who are signed up for their email list. This is a great way to incentivize people to sign up and stay signed up. They will look for your emails in order to find the best deals.

Performing Market Research

A glimpse into the analytics and performance of your email marketing campaigns will give you great insight into what works, and what needs fixing. You will be able to see exactly who is clicking on what, and when. Then, you can work to target your email marketing even further for more successful campaigns in the future.

How to Craft a Good Email

I think that a lot of people have qualms about email marketing because they find it to be too spammy. My response to this? Don’t be spammy, then. Just because there are other businesses whose emails look and feel like they belong in the junk folder doesn’t mean that yours have to. Remember what I said earlier about insider insight and information? Provide it! Don’t just send out an email every time your sales are low, send out a weekly email filled with information, videos, DIYs, tips, and also discount codes and new launches. That mix actually provides real value, and that’s the key to not being “spammy.”

As for the actual meat of the email- make sure it’s clean and concise, and that it’s written with your brand personality in mind. My brand “personality” is much like my own- upfront, cheeky, and honest. You won’t find me calling my readers “boss babes,” but you will find me making little jokes and telling my readers that I love them (because I do). If you don’t know your brand voice or personality, then start with that. Review your brand pillars, and figure out your voice.

Bonus Tip: Avoid using too many emojis or sales-y words (buy, free, sell, money, etc.) in the subject line of your emails, they will most likely get sorted as “spam.”

If you’re ready to start building email funnels that will convert your casual browsers into loyal buyers, then let’s work together. I’m the copywriter of your dreams who will build perfectly branded emails that will keep your customers around for the long-term.

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