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The Best Time to Start is Now (& other cheesy phrases)


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Not to state the obvious, but this year has been quite the whirlwind. I mean, Taco Bell took potatoes off their menu forever (future Kori here. It was not, in fact, forever. Thank God.), what could possibly be worse? Feeling lost and confused seems like a given these days, so much so that it almost feels normal. I find myself constantly amazed at the human ability to adapt and settle in unsettling conditions. But this ability isn’t always a good thing.
My name is Kori. But if you’re here, then you probably know that already. I’m 26 (me again, I’m 28 now. Can you believe it???), and I live in Chicago. You might already know that too. After YEARS of feeling trapped in my jobs, I received a blessing (that felt like a curse at the time). I got laid off. The job that I was laid off from was one that I had been dying to leave due to poor management, bad hours, crappy pay… so I felt a huge rush of relief and dread in equal parts. It was overwhelming at first. I cried a lot. I called my mom a lot. I slept a lot. Then, I woke up 3 months later, and being unemployed felt normal. I had settled into the unsettling. I liked having nothing to do.
Me sitting in my backyard smiling widely at the camera.

Me, casually “doing nothing.” (awww, look at her)

I thought a lot about getting a job, maybe applying for grad school. None of it felt right. When I applied for jobs that I would have normally been happy with, I felt miserable. I thought something was wrong with me. Then, as I was lying in bed one day, it hit me.
I am a Pisces, so I tend to get a little “daydreamy.” For years, I had been dreaming of owning my own business, and of being my own boss. I have always wanted to run my own show, set my own rates, and pick the people that I want to work with because I genuinely like them. Not because my boss told me that we were “one big family.” This dream just never felt like something that was attainable to me.
But why not? I was in a position where I had full-time availability at my fingertips. I could spend 40 hours a week working on whatever I wanted to work on. I would never have an opportunity like this again. So, I sat down and took stock of my life. I’ve been living in my dream city for four years with a theater degree that has done nothing for me. I love collaborating, administrative tasks (liar, you hate this), organization, writing, and editing. I love learning new things, and I love interior design. These things all seem so disjointed at a glance, but a closer look will show you that they go together perfectly. It’s so obvious that I was meant to end up where I am right now.
Then, I started. I had no idea what I was doing, but I took a nosedive into the unknown. I knew I would be successful, I just had to carve out my route to get there. I’ve been working tirelessly, even when I’ve felt like giving up. Everything about this is scary for me. I have a pretty much obsolete degree and my savings account is rapidly running dry. My whole damn life is scary. But I’m smart. I’m talented. I’m strategic and thoughtful. I’m really good at what I do.
The thing is—and I know it’s cliché—but there really is no better time to start than right now. Whether it’s a new business venture, a hobby, or bringing someone onto your team. Now is better than two weeks ago, and significantly better than two weeks from now.
This blog is my next step in my “the best time to start is now” journey. I mean, I’m a blog manager and copywriter for goodness sake! What good am I without a blog of my own? If you’re reading this. Thank you. I really mean it, and I hope you decide to stick around. I’m going to use this space to talk about the world of Virtual Assistance, blog management, and interior design. Plus, you’ll get some really juicy opinions sprinkled throughout.
Feeling the need to jump in here and talk about what the next two years were about to hold for young Kori. It turns out, being a Virtual Assistant SUCKS. Not only that, but it’s basically like, nothing that I’m passionate about.
If you’re feeling scared about your next steps, just look to me. I started a business with no income stream during a pandemic. Take away all of the scary parts of that sentence and you’re left with this: I started a business. I started.
If you’re ready to start, let’s get in touch.

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